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About YDF

Company Profile

YDF is a research and development, sales professional beauty equipment and cosmetics company.

YDF is an enterprise founded by the Deputy Secretary-General of Shanghai Hair and Beauty Industry Association.

YDF has gathered the industry's senior team, advanced technology, rigorous production process, and developed and produced all kinds of beauty equipments and products!

For more than 30 years, he has been deeply engaged in the beauty industry, and has been serving well-known beauty agencies and cosmetics brand OEM/ODM (OEM/OEM).


Growth process

1985 - Development and production of Japan's first 1 million times per second ultrasound cosmetology instrument

1989-First Japanese Ultrasound Portable Beauty Apparatus

1992 - Transdermal administration of ultrasound-guided transdermal drug delivery system with Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kyushu University of Technology, Japan

1995 - Presided over the R&D and production of cosmetic instruments for Panasonic Electrical Co., Ltd.

1996-Development of MEGA BEAUTY Cosmetic Apparatus for NARIS Cosmetics

1997 - Developed and produced AQUA SONIA and other cosmetic instruments for Japanese company Dr. Ci: Labo, and initiated multifunctional cosmetic instruments for head replacement in Japan.

2001 - Establishment of Chinese Company, Starting of China's Domestic Market

2002 - Japan  Yingdefei Delphi Beauty Instrument Factory set up a joint venture factory in Shenzhen, China

2003 - Full Instrument Cooperation with China SUN HOPE Direct Sales Company

2004-Development and production of fashionable portable instruments with CMM

2006 - CHUBBINESS, an expert team of Japanese Sakura Defei, was born, and cooperated with BESTEC, a Japanese company, to develop a number of health physiotherapy and Cosmetology instruments and put them into the Chinese market.

2008 - CBB Project with SCENTHILL SLIMMING Chain Enterprises

2009 - Establishing Strategic Partnership with Taiwan's 'CHLITINA'

2010-Awarded 'Excellent Tax Enterprises' by Shanghai Qingpu District Tax Bureau

2010-Collaboration with Large Instruments of CHARMEUR International Beauty Chain

2011 - Become a Strategic Partner of AnnJema Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

In 2011, Shanghai Credit Enterprise and Japanese Company Baishousheng Science Research Institute jointly developed 'BIBASE' into the market and cooperated with Japanese company ALEAP to develop a number of portable cosmetic instruments and put them into the Japanese market.

2012 - 'Acne Elf' new product is on the market.

2013 - Cherry Defei Flagship Store in Tianmao

From 2013 to 2015, the research and development of cosmetology instrument has changed from cosmetology instrument to various functional cosmetology and health instrument. Significantly, it has cooperated with Japanese Corporation T.S.C to develop a number of business cosmetology instruments and put them into Japanese market.

2014 - Become Deputy Secretary-General of Shanghai Hair and Beauty Industry Association

In 2015, the company changed its name to Shanghai Yingqiaofei Industrial Co., Ltd. as a result of business expansion. Over the years, the company has accumulated 9 patents and registered trademarks for appearance, and developed more than 70 patented products for customers.

2016 - Become the director of China Hair and Beauty Industry Association, won the title of 'China Beauty Industry Leading Beauty Instrument Brand in 2014-2016' by China Hair and Beauty Association, become the strategic partner of Shanghai Darway Trading Co., Ltd., and become the strategic partner of Shanghai Beauty Pastoral Service Co., Ltd.

2017 - The company's business development, the establishment of Shanghai Yingdefei beauty equipment sales ce


2018 - Awarded 'Excellent Tax Enterprises' by Shanghai Qingpu District Tax Bureau