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About YDF

1985 - Developed and produced the first ultrasonic beauty instrument in Japan with 1 million times per second

1989 - the first Japanese ultrasonic portable beauty instrument

1992 - Cooperated with the Tojo Research Office of Jiuzhou University of Technology in Japan to study the topic of ultrasound and introduce transdermal drug delivery.

1995 - Conducted research and development and production of beauty equipment for Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

1996 - MEGA BEAUTY beauty equipment tailored for the development of NARIS cosmetics in Japan

1997- Development and production of AQUA SONIA and other beauty equipment for Dr.Ci:Labo of Japan; Japan's first replacement head multi-function beauty and body instrument;

2001 - Chinese company established, China domestic market started

2002 - Japan Sakura Defei Beauty Equipment Factory set up joint venture factory in Shenzhen, China

2003 - Comprehensive instrument cooperation with China's SUN HOPE direct selling company

2004 - Development and production of stylish portable instruments with CMM

2006- Japan Sakura Defei expert team CHUBBINESS all-round breast instrument was born; cooperated with Japan Bertec to develop a variety of health physiotherapy beauty instruments into the Chinese market

2008 - Cooperating with SCENTHILL SLIMMING chain company CBB project

2009 - Established a strategic partnership with Taiwan's 'CHLITINA'

2010 - Awarded 'Excellent Taxpaying Enterprise' by Shanghai Qingpu District Taxation Bureau

2010 - Cooperation with large instruments of CHARMELEUR international beauty chain

2011 - Become a strategic partner of AnnJema Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

2011 - won the 'Shanghai Integrity Enterprise' and the Japanese company Shou Shou Sheng Scientific Research Institute jointly developed 'BIBASE' to enter the market. Cooperated with Japan's ALEAP to develop a variety of portable beauty equipment for the Japanese market.

2012 - 'Acne Elf' new listing,

2013 - Entered Tmall to open Yingdefei flagship store

From 2013 to 2015 - R&D moved from beauty equipment to various functional beauty regimens. The company has cooperated with T.S.C. of Japan Co., Ltd. to develop a variety of business beauty equipment for the Japanese market.

2014 - became the deputy secretary general of Shanghai Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Association

2015 - Renamed Shanghai Yingdefei Industrial Co., Ltd. due to business expansion. The company has accumulated 9 appearance patents and registered trademarks over the years, and more than 70 patented products developed for customers.

2016 - Become a director of China Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Association, won the '2014-2016 China Beauty Industry Leading Beauty Equipment Brand' by China Hair and Beauty Association, became a strategic partner of Shanghai Darwin Trading Co., Ltd., and became Shanghai Beautiful Garden Service Co., Ltd. Strategic Partners

2017 - The development of the company's business, the establishment of Shanghai Yingdefei beauty equipment sales center

2018 - Awarded 'Excellent Taxpaying Enterprise' by Shanghai Qingpu District Taxation Bureau

2019 - .....