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Shanghai Yingdefei Industry Co., Ltd.

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Company Address:28F,No.58,Xinjinqiao Road,Pudong New Area, Shanghai,China

Traffic Routes:Metro Line 9 (Exit 3 of Taierzhuang Road), Pudong 72 Road and 987 are all accessible.

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We are a company made up of people who believe in never settle. Gather together for love of the beauty industry. We are professional, ambitious, full of passion and vitality. We love all refinement, and would like to applaud for the beauty, dedicated to sharing the quality of science and technology beauty.

What attracts you may not only be a diversified team, flat management and open atmosphere, but also a strong backing for your dream pursuit and clearing your worries.

If you agree with that, come on and write new stories together.

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OEM / ODM cooperation:Ms. Zhan:021-58200180-808

Beauty salon line cooperation:Ms. He :021-58200180-801

Market promotion cooperation:Ms. Tang:021-58200180-803

Other Cooperation:QQ:1055478702