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Shanghai International Luxury Packaging Exhibition in 2019-Encounter the Beauty of Intelligent Packa





From April 10 to 11, 2019, Shanghai International Luxury Packaging Exhibition will welcome the 12th Exhibition in Shanghai Exhibition Center, which will continue to bring unparalleled creative products and market insights to China's packaging industry.

The theme of Shanghai International Luxury Packaging in 2019 is 'Beauty of Intelligent Packaging'. By helping exhibitors maintain attractiveness and respond to consumer demands, it will lead all participants to a global vision of current and future packaging. 200 high-quality exhibitors gathered to showcase the latest professional technology and innovative products, attracting more than 4500 key decision-makers in perfume, cosmetics, wine and spirits, food, fashion, tobacco, electronics and other fields to the scene. In addition to the exhibition, Shanghai International Luxury Packaging Exhibition will also hold a variety of on-site activities to help exhibitors promote their products and establish their own business network. Wonderful seminars will continue to provide insights and inspiration to the audience.

Seventy percent of the booths have been booked...

70% booth has been booked, packing box, raw materials (paper / foam / plastic...) Containers, labels, bottle rings, ribbons, designs... All kinds of innovative products and packaging solutions will be displayed at Shanghai International Luxury Packaging Exhibition by 200 packaging manufacturers from all over the world. Up to now, besides faithful exhibitors, the 2019 exhibition has also attracted many new exhibitors'active participation, such as Ningbo Honorary Products, Zhongbai Color Printing, Guanlin Packaging Box, Jinyu Technology, Mingjian Packaging, and Top-quality Packaging.

The theme of the 2019 exhibition: the beauty of intelligent packaging

According to the data released by Technavio, the annual composite growth rate of the global smart packaging market is nearly 8%, which will exceed $31 billion by 2019. Intelligent packaging is increasingly becoming the extension of product functions. With the help of various innovative technology means, the wave of high-tech will push packaging to a higher level of development. Understanding the changes and trends of the consumer market and helping exhibitors go further has always been the core of the development of Shanghai International Luxury Packaging Exhibition. 'Beauty of Intelligent Packaging', the theme of the 2019 exhibition should emerge with the development of the market. As packaging is at the forefront of new technologies, luxury brands always regard aesthetics and design as the core of their strategy, so the 2019 Shanghai International Luxury Packaging Exhibition will explore innovative packaging solutions with all participants, providing luxury experience for products and brands through new functions, personalized technology, design and environmental protection design, new functions and new trends. It should meet the expectations of today's consumers.

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