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This black science museum, I waited for TA for a whole year





Today's consumers are more and more difficult to 'routine'! Once, cosmetic ingredient lists existed like heavenly books. Nowadays, nicotinamide, retinol, hyaluronic acid, arbutin and other chemical terms, which were originally difficult to understand, have become popular words in social platform discussions, and have shown explosive growth in the second half of 2018... Such evolution implies the rise of a group -- 'constituent party'.

With the awakening of rational consciousness of cosmetic consumers, the young generation of consumers'awareness of ingredients and their concern for product safety have been raised to an unprecedented height. The phenomenon of 'Component Party' pushing product upgrading has been sprouting. As the 'vane' of the cosmetic market, the raw material enterprises feel more deeply about it. The wave of consumer upgrading has brought new opportunities to the cosmetics industry, and forced the upstream raw material manufacturers to constantly upgrade and innovate!