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Brief Introduction of Eye Detoxification Instrument





Let glamorous eyes blossom all the time

Desalinate the dark eyes of experts, a massage, easy to take away the dark circles, bags, lines of the eye; you look back at the moment, the world for you!

Tighten eye skin

Promote the growth of collagen in eye skin and enhance the elasticity of eye skin

Relieving wrinkles (such as laugh lines, crow's tail lines, etc.)

Strengthen blood vessel movement and metabolism of eye skin, relieve wrinkles

Relax redness and swelling of eyes, control eye bags, reduce eye fatigue and congestion

Promote blood flow and circulation, relieve pressure on eye skin

Repair skin defects (seborrheic dermatitis, fat granules, etc.)

Effectively alleviate surface skin defects and repair skin damage

Accelerate metabolism and eliminate harmful substances left over by long-term cosmetics

Effectively accelerates skin metabolism and promotes the release of ocular skin toxins

Product characteristics:

1. The smallest, mobile phone and self-service high-tech cosmetology instrument in the world.

Second, the world's leading built-in rechargeable lithium batteries, charging off-line use, arbitrary, unique battery protection system, so that you can use safe and worry-free life.

3. Precision waterproofing devices are manufactured in full accordance with medical safety standards, which are convenient and safe to operate.

Fourth, suitable for all kinds of skin function selection, three sets of cosmetic meals, comprehensive cosmetic effect.

5. Precision time automatic control program, more concise and convenient operation.

6. Unique ball design, 360 degree comfortable massage

Ion function:

The expensive cosmetic solution seems wasteful if it relies entirely on the natural absorption of the skin, because it can only absorb about 30%, so we often feel that the best products do not work as well as expected. In fact, the important reason is that our skin itself has a natural defense system. When it protects the skin, it also keeps many beneficial ingredients out of the door. With the help of the principle that electrons can penetrate the barrier of skin isolation, the effective ingredients of skin care products can quickly penetrate into the deep skin, supplement the nutrition of cells, activate cells, enhance the metabolism of cells, and let the effective ingredients of skin care products penetrate 100%.

Using the super ion release technology, a local electric field can be formed between the skin surface and the deep layer, so that ionized essence or liquid can penetrate the barrier layer into the deep layer of the skin, so that the cells can absorb the effective skin care ingredients in the essence. Super ion detoxification function, promote metabolism, accelerate melanin decomposition, and soften cutin, so that the skin farewell dark, restore healthy shiny, naturally more white, tender and even.

The resulting safe micro-current, which releases a large number of positive and negative ions, can penetrate the skin barrier layer, with dual-effect skin cleaning and skin care functions. Negative ions effectively absorb most of the dirt on the epidermis, deeply clean the pores, make the pores clean and refreshing, and absorb nutrients and whitening ingredients more easily. Positive ion nutrition import will bring the essence into the deep layer of the skin, so that the nutrient essence can penetrate into the cells, quickly restore the cell's self repair and metabolism function, accelerate the melanin decomposition, and the positive and negative ions can take 28 days to achieve the same feeling. Magic effect, restore smooth, white and healthy skin.

Far infrared light function:

Why can the skin be beautified by the irradiation of light?

Because light is a means of transmitting energy. Different wavelengths of light can penetrate into different depths of the skin, supplement the energy of mitochondria, so as to fully activate the biological activity of cells, better complete their own metabolism and growth, have extremely high safety and powerful repair function, can enhance the growth rate of human cells more than five times faster, has deep conditioning effect on the skin, is the ideal cosmetic light energy.

Light wave is emitted at each acupoint of the eye to strengthen the blood vessel operation of the eye skin and enhance the vitality of the eye skin cells. Effective elimination of laughter lines, crow's tail lines and other eye wrinkles.

Qingming Point: Enhance the Vitality and Moisture of Eye Cells

Pupil and Biao Points: Reducing Eye Fatigue and Congestion and Fighting Fishtail Ribbon

Back-ball Point: Promote metabolism. Enhancing the Vitality of Skin Tissues

Chengsob Point: Relieve redness and swelling of eyes. Control bags under the eyes

Scientific experiments have proved that far-infrared radiation can promote the secretion of collagen in skin cells, improve the elasticity of skin, and reduce the number and depth of wrinkles. Experiments: For several minutes a day, continuous use, the number of wrinkles decreased and the depth of wrinkles weakened.

Thermal SPA function:

Breaking through Tradition, Warm and Comfortable

Promote blood circulation and relax nerves and muscles

Warm-heat effect is conducive to the proliferation of collagen, desalination of fine lines, so that the skin is more elastic, smoother and moist.