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Tokyo cosmetics Festival TCC landed in Shanghai this summer!





July 8, 2012, 168 Lujiazui West Road, Shanghai, Zhengda Square, Tokyo's highest-level cosmetics Festival TCC first landed in Shanghai this summer!

What is TCC? TCC is short for Tokyo Cosmetic Collection. As the largest cosmetics exhibition in Japan, it has been held for the first time since 2008 in Tokyo. After five sessions, it has become the highest-level cosmetics event. Unlike the ordinary fashion event, it invites people who love beauty to come and 'disseminate' the high-quality products they feel personally through the blog. It is a free invitation to make-up feast to experience the true beauty and feel the quality.

TCC is not only completely free, but also a very generous cosmetic gift package for every guest present. If you don't go abroad, you can experience this cosmetics feast. The space is limited. Hurry up and grab a seat.

Each audience can not only try out and experience the latest products of major brands on site, but also get a super-large gift bag. Many of the products are super-new products that are not yet on the market.